The Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Tender Center of Minsk City Executive Committee" is ready to organize and carry out procurement procedures both for the budgetary and own funds of enterprises, including procurement in the construction of facilities, in accordance with the current legislation on applications (tasks, technical tasks) made by customers. Please note that the customer is released from any payment for the organization and for carrying out procurement, except in cases specified in the Trust Deed.

For organizing and carrying out procurement of goods (works, services) by our organization, you must:

Conclude an order agreement with our organization in accordance with the attached form
contact phone numbers:
+375 17 224 17 76 – Legal adviser;
+375 17 224 76 95 - Leading legal adviser.

Fill in: for organizing public procurement – an application to carry out the procurement procedure attaching the documents established in the application form,

for organizing purchases at their own expense – a task for the purchase attaching the documents established in it,

for organizing procurement during construction - the technical task in accordance with one of the attached forms attaching the documents specified in it;

send it with a cover letter (written in any form) to the Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Tender Center of Minsk City Executive Committee"
contact phone numbers:
+375 17 224 77 46 Head of contract bidding in construction TARASEVICH Viktor Ivanovich;
+375 17 224 77 64 Head of the Department of tender PAVLECHKO  Yulia Vasilyevna.

Please note that the Department for Combating Economic Crimes of the criminal police of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of the Minsk City Executive Committee there was created a special section the main task of which is to identify the corruption schemes, as well as to prevent and suppress the conclusion of obviously disadvantageous transactions in the sphere of public procurement and procurement for their own expense by organizations having a share of state property in the authorized fund.

Any information about various violations in the already held as well as being held or planned procedures for procurement in all sectors of economy is of particular interest for the section. In the presence of such information anyone can apply in free form, including anonymously, to an electronic mailbox: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..